BCCI Successfully Advocates For ICC Strategic Fund Boost, Gets 72% Increase In Revenue Share

The World Cricket Committee of MCC suggests that a significant and protected ICC strategic fund should be distributed to full member and associate nations based on their needs. These nations should demonstrate a strong commitment to developing their women's cricket program and national team, along with other important initiatives.

Jay Shah

Latest Updates: The Indian Cricket Board, BCCI, has requested a significant portion of funds from ICC's revenue to be allocated towards the growth of the sport through the strategic fund. BCCI has obtained approval for a substantial share of approximately USD 230 million from the annual revenue for the period of 2024-2027. During the ICC's annual board meeting, BCCI emphasized the importance of supporting Test cricket and promoting women's cricket by providing a boost to the strategic fund.

The MCC World Cricket Committee shares the belief that a substantial and protected ICC strategic fund should be assigned based on the requirements of full member and associate nations. These nations should demonstrate their dedication to initiatives such as the development of women's cricket programs and national teams.

BCCI Secretary, Jay Shah, mentioned in a letter to the state associations that in addition to their share in revenue distribution, they have also advocated for a significant portion of funds to be allocated towards the ICC's strategic fund. This fund will play a crucial role in fostering the sport's growth and investing in cricket's development during the upcoming media rights cycle.

India's revised revenue share has received unanimous approval at the ICC Board meeting in Durban, ensuring they will benefit from a significant increase of about 72 percent. From 2024 to 2027, the BCCI is set to earn approximately USD 230 million per year, which accounts for 38.5 percent of ICC's estimated annual revenue of USD 600 million.

BCCI Secretary Jay Shah expressed his gratitude, acknowledging that this achievement is a result of the combined efforts and support of all state associations and colleagues at BCCI. He further emphasized that this allocation reflects the dedication and contributions of everyone involved, demonstrating the trust they have placed in BCCI's leadership.

Shah attributed India's substantial share to the strong diplomatic and strategic relationships with other ICC members. He highlighted that this recognition underscores India's significance in world cricket, affirming that the heart of cricket beats strongly within the nation.