Haryana to contribute Rs. 5 crores to Himachal CM relief fund as flood relief, announces CM

The state is working on war footing to provide all possible help, for those who have been adversely affected due to floods

For loss of human lives a compensation of Rs. 4 lakh, CM

2878 medical camps organized in the State, CM

Chandigarh, July 19- Haryana Chief Minister Sh. Manohar Lal today announced to contribute  an amount of Rs. 5 crores to  Himachal CM relief fund as flood relief. He said that the state government is providing all possible help, both financially and medically for those who have been adversely affected due to heavy rainfall in the past.

        While addressing a press conference held here today, Sh. Manohar Lal said, “Heavy to extremely heavy rainfall received in most of the parts of Haryana as well as in the neighbouring States for three consecutive days i.e from July 8 to 10 that has triggered flood-like situation in the State, throwing normal life out of gear and causing unfortunate loss of lives, animals and extensive damage to properties and infrastructure.

Sharing the rainfall statistics, the Chief Minister said that from July 8 to 12, the state received 110 mm of rainfall, which is 387 percent of the normal of 28.4 mm. The normal rainfall in Yamunanagar was 32.8 mm, 32.9 mm in Kurukshetra, 53 mm in Panchkula and 58.5 mm in Ambala, while this time these four districts received 842, 814, 699 and 514 percent of normal rainfall respectively.

        “As a result, almost all rivers in Haryana namely Yamuna, Markanda, Tangari, Ghaggar, and Saraswati. Besides this, all drains have remained in full spate. There were breaches and overflows at many places leading to flooding of fields, roads and habitations causing loss of lives and damage to properties that necessitated immediate rescue and still ongoing relief and recovery efforts,” said  Sh. Manohar Lal. 

The Chief Minister further shared that 12 districts were declared flood-affected. Sharing the data regarding the same, he said that 1353 villages and 4 MC areas in 12 districts namely Ambala, Fatehabad, Faridabad, Kurukshetra, Kaithal, Karnal, Panchkula, Panipat, Palwal, Sonipat, Sirsa and Yamunanagar have been declared as flood affected in the State.

Mining has no connection with the flood, clarifies CM

While refuting the allegations levied by the Opposition alleging that the flood situation in the state has caused due to increasing mining in the rivers, the Chief Minister said that such statements are illogical to make as flood and mining have no connection.

        He said that legal mining in riverbeds as per the mining plan can rather have the potential of increasing the water intake capacity of rivers and rather help in preventing floods in low-lying areas, as excess built-up of silt is removed in the mining process.

        Sh. Manohar Lal also suggested that excess slit should be removed by way of mining and otherwise from canals as well so that their water capacity in canal beds can also increase.

        He said that during the Flood Control Board meeting held in January, an amount of Rs. 930 crore has been already approved for tackling flood relief works.

The Chief Minister informed that the proposal to construct a dam 500 metres behind the Hathnikund Barrage is being taken up with the Himachal government.   He said that due to floods caused by excessive rains, there has been a loss of approximately Rs 500 crore as per the initial estimate in the state. Out of which about Rs 281 crore has been received from the Central Government as disaster relief amount. Apart from this, an additional amount will be demanded from the Central Government for flood relief.

Rescue and relief measures taken

The Chief Minister said that around 6629 persons have been evacuated. 41 relief camps have been organised. Around 1774 persons are currently housed in these camps. Food and other civil supplies arrangements have been made for the public residing in marooned areas. Army, Airforce, NDRF and SDRF, Civil Society organisations, and NGOs have assisted tirelessly, the district administrations in search, rescue and relief operations.

        “Further, the state government, immediately appointed Administrative Secretaries as In Charge of the flood-affected districts to review the critical situations arisen due to heavy and continuous rainfall, and directed them to proceed immediately to the affected areas,” said Sh. Manohar Lal.

2878 medical camps organised in the State

The Chief said that in a bid to provide timely medical help to the people, the Government organised 2878 special medical camps for the general public to treat the affected persons and to prevent possible epidemic diseases in the flood-affected areas.  So far, more than 37,500 people have been given the required treatment in these Camps.

        “As a preventive measure, the Health Department has also carried out fogging in 147 villages in the State.  It has also distributed around 25,000 ORS packets to the general public,” informed Sh. Manohar Lal.

        He further informed that the Animal Husbandry and Dairying Department has also been conducting special camps for taking care of the cattle affected and to prevent the diseases, after the flood disaster.

        “A provision has been made for fodder/feed concentrate including water supply and medicines in the cattle camps.  While for large animals assistance will be provided at the rate of Rs.80 per day, for small animals assistance will be provided at the rate of Rs.45 per day,” informed the Chief Minister.

35 deaths have been reported so far

Divulging the details about those who lost their lives due to the flood, the Chief Minister said, as per the information, 35 deaths have been reported so far. He said that compensation to the families of these deceased people will be given as per the provision of disaster funds. 

        “For loss of human lives a compensation of Rs. 4 lakhs will be given, while in case of loss of limbs, the compensation will be Rs. 74,000 per person when the disability is between 40 and 60 percent. An amount of Rs. 2,50,000 per person, when the disability is more than 60 percent,” shared Sh. Manohar Lal.

        The Chief Minister said that 125 houses were fully damaged whereas 615 houses have been reported as partially damaged.

Compensation will also be given for the loss of livestock

        Sh. Manohar Lal said that the livestock also got affected in this flood. Taking care of the livestock owners the State government has decided to give a compensation of Rs.37, 500 in case of Buffalo/Cow/Camel/Yak/ Mithun etc, Rs. 4,000 in case of Sheep/ Goat/Pig, Rs. 32,000 in case of Camel /Horse/Bullock etc., Rs.20, 000 in case of Calf/ Donkey/ Pony/Mule/ Heifers, and Rs. 100 per bird for poultry.

Committees constituted for infrastructural restoration works

The Chief Minister said that several committees under the Chairmanship of SE have been constituted to expedite the restoration works for carrying out repairs and restoration works of immediate nature for damage to roads and bridges, drinking water schemes, minor irrigation schemes and power supply to the affected areas.

        “For repair of roads, works upto 10 lakh will be carried out by a Committee under the Chairmanship of XEN and works of 10 lakh to 1 crore by a Committee under the Chairmanship of SE concerned.  The works above 1 crore shall be dealt with under the HEWC by inviting tenders, following the due procedure, with a timeframe of 7 days,” said Sh. Manohar Lal.

        “Around 399 damages of structures & Linings/ Breaches/Erosion of Bunds & Banks have been reported by Irrigation and Water Resources Department which will require a budget of Rs. 90 crore for restoration/repair of damages/breaches,” said Sh. Manohar Lal.

        He further shared that 996 roads with a length of 1141.94 km in the State got affected on which a budget of more than Rs. 230 Crore is required for restoration.

Rs 22.08 crore to be spent of the repair of poles and transformers

        The Chief Minister shared that the Power Department has reported that 3,369 poles have been damaged in the rainfall and flood, besides the damage of 1477 Distribution Transformers (DTs) and other infrastructure, across the State.  Repairs will require around Rs 22.08 crore.

        He further shared that the Animal Husbandry reported damage to 17 Government Veterinary Dispensary and Government Veterinary Hospital buildings. Repairs will require a budget of Rs. 124 lakhs.

         “An amount of 4.50 Crore was immediately released to districts for rescue operations. Financial Commissioner Revenue has re-delegated his full financial powers to the respective Deputy Commissioners of the districts concerned for the said items of compensation to the eligible beneficiaries with immediate effect,” informed the Chief Minister.

Assessment of damaged crops will be done after July 31

Sh. Manohar Lal said that the crop has also been damaged due to floods, but the assessment of damage will be done after the month of July because sowing of some crops can be done again till July 31.

        “The areas where water will not recede will be considered separately, but we have already made provision for compensation at the rate of Rs 15,000 per acre for 100 per cent loss. Some financial aid also comes from the Center.  Not much damage has been reported for the sugarcane crop, wherever there is still water logging, it will recede,” said Sh. Manohar Lal.

        The Chief Minister said that vegetables and cotton-growing farmers have suffered the maximum loss. Besides this, maize, pulses, fodder etc have also been damaged.  The total damage including these crops has been reported in an area of 18,000 acres.

        He said that this time farmers have been called upon to register their entire cultivable land on the Meri Fasal Mera Byora portal, even if the land is vacant, that land must also be registered. This is being used for the first time. An amount of Rs 100 will be credited to the accounts of the farmers as a reward for getting 100 per cent registration of their land done. Apart from this, big prizes like tractors, motorcycles and mobiles etc. will also be given at the state level. 

The Chief Minister said that information about this loss will be entered by the farmers on the e-Kshatipurti portal, after that the team will survey it and as per the approval of the committee, compensation will be given. This portal will remain open for one month from the date of opening. He appealed to the citizens to be careful.  Use boiled water for drinking as during such a situation, there is a fear of getting prone to water-borne diseases

        Chief Secretary, Sh. Sanjeev Kaushal, Chief Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Sh. D.S Dhesi, Financial Commissioner and Additional Chief Secretary Revenue and Disaster Management Department, Sh. Rajesh Khullar, Additional Chief Secretary, Finance Department, Sh. Anurag Rastogi, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Sh. V. Umashankar, Additional Chief Secretary, Animal Husbandry & Dairying Department, Sh. Ankur Gupta, Additional Principal Secretary to Chief Minister,  Dr. Amit Kumar Agrawal, Advisor (Irrigation) to the Chief Minister, Haryana, Sh. Devender Singh, Chairman Power Utilities, Sh. P.K Das, Director General Health Services, Smt. Sonia Khullar, Media Advisor to Chief Minister, Sh. Amit Arya, Sh. Media Secretary Parveen Attrey and other officers remained present on this occasion.