"Hum To...": Swiggy Instamart Responds To Woman Who Paid ₹193 For Maggi

Swiggy Instamart gracefully waded into the discussion, crafting a thoughtful response to the woman's tweet.

Latest Updates: A Twitter storm was sparked when a woman disclosed paying ₹193 for a plate of Maggi at an airport, sending the internet abuzz with discussions about the snack's exorbitant cost. Joining the debate, Swiggy Instamart chimed in on Tuesday, stating, "We sell it for just ₹14," adding another twist to the conversation.

See the tweet here:

The Swiggy Instamart's response certainly caused a stir on Twitter, with some finding it amusing, while others seized the opportunity to troll the company. One user questioned Swiggy about their pricing strategy, asking how much they would charge for cooked Maggi. Another user expressed skepticism, wondering why Swiggy sold it for ₹14 when it can be bought for ₹10 elsewhere.

The debate extended to delivery charges, with one user complaining about handling fees, delivery charges, and the condition of the product received. Another user simply asked about the cost of delivery.

The entire discussion stemmed from a tweet by Sejal Sud, who shared a receipt indicating that Maggi noodles were being sold for a staggering ₹193 at an unidentified airport. Sejal expressed her disappointment and confusion over such inflated pricing, prompting others to criticize the practice and call for regulatory intervention.

In response to the high prices, one user highlighted that even in Indigo flights, Maggi was selling for ₹250, suggesting that authorities should impose price caps to protect consumers from such pocket-pinching and hunger-inducing practices.