Manohar Sarkar’s Jan Samvad becomes a much-awaited event among villagers

The series of Jan Samvad to start over again from Kanina in Mahendragarh district from today

The Jan Samvad programmes will also be held in 6 villages of Rewari district, grievances of villagers will be resolved on the spot

So far the Chief Minister has held Jan Samvad in Bhiwani, Palwal, Kurukshetra, Sirsa and Mahendragarh districts

Chandigarh, July 27 – The Jan Samvads started by the Haryana Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal, to know the ground reality about the problems being faced by the people living in the rural areas, is turning out to be a hit among the citizens, especially the villagers as these Samvad programmes have become a key event for them to get immediate solutions to their problems.

Notably, the series of these Samvad programmes will start again from Kanina in Mahendragarh district from today.

Unlike others, the Jan Samvad programmes of Haryana’s Chief Minister have become a much-awaited event for the villagers because these Samvads are not limited to a single day. The Chief Minister spends at least three days in the district where the Samvad is scheduled so as to ensure the maximum number of villages are covered.

Organizing the Samvad near famous places having historical importance is another highlighting feature of this unique initiative.  This can be gauged from the fact that in past; Jan Samvad has been organized at Nagarkheda, Johad or Bawdi of the villages as the villagers have special faith and emotional attachment to these places.

Also, these Samvads are not only limited to raising an issue before the Chief Minister or the demands which the people wish to be fulfilled for, rather on several occasions these direct interactions turn interesting after Chief  Minister enquired about the liking and disliking of the people regarding his government’s functioning and ongoing programmes. The Chief Minister also open heartedly seek suggestions for the people for the framing of any future policy or any developmental programme.

 Meanwhile, every single suggestion shared during these Samvad programmes also doesn’t go unnoticed as the Chief Minister on the spot directs the top officials accompanying him to these programmes to ensure the implementation of the same before formulating any government scheme.

As per the scheduled list, after the Jan Samvad at Kanina in Mahendragarh district, the next Samvad will be held at Ambedkar Bhawan, Sundrah village and Government College for Women, Ateli. On the same day in the evening, Samavd will be held in Khandora village of Bawal block. After a night stay at Bawal, Samvad will be organized at Government Senior Secondary School in village Jarthal of Bawal block on July 29 in the morning.

After this, another Samvad will be held in village Sangwari and Dharuhera. On the third day after the night stay at Dharuhera, the Chief Minister will hold another Samavd at Gangaicha Ahir village and Mamria Asampur villages.

So far the Chief Minister has held Samvad programmes in Bhiwani, Palwal, Kurukshetra, Sirsa and Mahendragarh districts. The Samavd was started by the Chief Minister from the villages of Bhiwani district on April 2, 2023, after which he stayed among the people for three days each in districts namely Palwal, Kurukshetra, Sirsa and Mahendragarh's Narnaul, Nangal Chaudhary.