Solitary Female Air Force Officer Assaulted by Mess Worker in Home, Hospitalized

"Determined Confrontation Turns Into Brutal Knife Attack, Inflicting Severe Injuries on Courageous Victim"

Latest Updates: IAF Officer Suffers Grave Injuries in Suspected Robbery Attempt at Pathankot Residence

In Pathankot district, Punjab, a female officer serving in the Indian Air Force (IAF) was reportedly subjected to a severe assault by a mess worker at her official residence. The incident, which occurred on Monday night, involved an intruder who allegedly intended to commit robbery.

According to local authorities, the accused managed to gain unauthorized entry into the officer's house. Awakened by unusual sounds, the Squadron Leader confronted the intruder in an act of bravery. However, the situation quickly escalated when the intruder attacked her with a knife, resulting in the officer sustaining multiple injuries.

Pathankot's Senior Superintendent of Police, Harkamalpreet Singh Khakh, provided these details regarding the distressing event. The officer is now undergoing medical treatment for her injuries, while the investigation into the incident continues.

IAF Officer Assault Case Update: Accused Arrested Based on CCTV Footage

The alleged perpetrator, identified as Makhan Singh, has been apprehended with the aid of CCTV footage, according to police officials. At the time of the incident, the woman officer was alone at her residence, as stated by Khakh.

Another female IAF officer residing in a neighboring quarter discovered the injured victim upon visiting her home and promptly sought assistance, reported the police official. The victim was swiftly transported to a hospital and subsequently referred to the Army's Command Hospital in Chandimandir, Haryana.

The accused, who resided near the victim's house, has been arrested and is facing charges of attempted murder, confirmed the Superintendent of Police. Further investigations into the case are underway.