Ambulance overturns after hitting car in Kerala minister's convoy

Three individuals sustained injuries, including the patient inside the ambulance.

Thiruvananthapuram: In Kerala, distressing footage has surfaced showing an ambulance being struck by a pilot car in a minister's convoy at a busy crossing. The impact was so forceful that the ambulance overturned and slid, narrowly avoiding hitting a police officer twice. Subsequently, the pilot car also collided with a stationary motorcycle at the crossing.

Authorities reported that three individuals, including the patient inside the ambulance, sustained injuries. Charges have been filed against the drivers of both the pilot car and the ambulance.

The incident occurred near Thiruvananthapuram on Wednesday and involved the Education Minister V Sivankutty's convoy. CCTV footage revealed that the convoy approached the intersection from the wrong side, traveling against the flow of traffic. Alerted by the approaching convoy, two policemen rushed to halt the parallel traffic.

All vehicles successfully crossed the intersection except for a motorcycle, which came to a stop by the roadside. As the pilot car turned left at the crossing, the ambulance attempted to cross from the right side, where traffic had already been stopped.

The footage shows the front of the pilot car colliding with one side of the ambulance, causing it to topple and slide towards one of the policemen. The officer narrowly evaded the vehicle twice by dodging its back and then leaping out of harm's way as the ambulance swung back toward him.

Afterward, the pilot car struck the motorcycle, although the rider managed to prevent it from falling. Meanwhile, the other car in the convoy proceeded through the intersection without stopping, while policemen and onlookers assisted in uprighting the ambulance.

As of now, Minister Sivankutty has not responded to the incident.