Banks of rivers should be further strengthened - Sh. Dushyant Chautala

Ensuring smooth and unhindered movement of the people of the state is our top priority
Repair damage roads at the earliest, Deputy CM directed the Officers

Chandigarh - Haryana Deputy Chief Minister, Sh. Dushyant Chautala has directed the officers to further strengthen the river banks and repair damaged roads at the earliest.

The Deputy Chief Minister who was presiding over the meeting of officers of Public Works Department here today also issued directions for further strengthening of both the banks of Ghaggar river going from Ottu village to Jiwan Nagar-Rania road in Sirsa district. He further directed to construct a road by increasing the thickness of these banks.

In the meeting, Sh. Dushyant Chautala sought a detailed report from the officers about the damages caused to villages, farms, rivers, roads and government rest houses etc. due to floods recently.

He said that due to floods in 12 districts of the State and heavy rains in parts of some other districts, several roads including the highways have been damaged due to high flow of water.

Instructing to repair these roads at the earliest, he said that it is our priority to ensure smooth and unhindered movement of the people of the state. He said that there is no dearth of funds with the State Government.

While reviewing the condition of various rainwater drains in the state, he directed to carry out cleaning work of all the drains on regular basis. He said that appropriate steps should be taken to resolve the problem of water logging in rural areas and fields immediately by removing the blockages. Protecting the rural population from flood water is our top priority, he added.

The Deputy Chief Minister also reviewed the progress of various rest houses of the Public Works Department which are under construction. Sh. Dushyant Chautala also directed that banks of rivers and canals should be further strengthened, wherever required.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that the banks of the Ghaggar river, which runs from village Ottu in Sirsa district towards Jiwan Nagar-Ranian road (the road leading to the Rajasthan border), should be widened and strengthened. A road should also be made on these broad sides. With this on one hand, about two dozen villages of the area will be free from the fear of flood, on the other hand the constructed road can also be used for traffic.

On this occasion, Additional Chief Secretary of the Public Works Department, Sh. Anurag Rastogi besides other senior officers of the Public Works Department were present.