Elephant Burial Uncovered on Private Property in Kerala: Tusk Vanished, Investigation Launched

The forest authorities employed an excavator and uncovered the remains of an elephant, revealing a skeleton with a single tusk absent.

Latest Updates Thrissur, Kerala: In Thrissur, Kerala, officials from the Forest Department made a discovery today. They found the body of a wild elephant buried on private property near a forest area within the Machad Range in the district. According to a senior forest official, it is estimated that the carcass is between 15 days to one month old.

The forest official stated that the inspection took place after receiving information from the Machad range officer. During the investigation, the elephant's carcass was located. Currently, a post-mortem examination is being conducted to determine the cause of death.

Using an excavator, the Forest Department discovered the skeletal remains of an elephant, which had one tusk missing.

In the meantime, State Forest Minister AK Saseendran addressed the media, stating that there was an element of mystery surrounding the incident.

According to Mr. Saseendran, the State Forest Minister, if the elephant had been electrocuted by power lines, the local residents would have informed them. He also emphasized that if someone intentionally killed the elephant, strict action would be taken.

Regarding the discovery, the Forest Department stated that the carcass was located on a privately owned property and the owner is presently unaccounted for.