90-Year-Old US Woman Retires From Department of Store After 74 Years Of Service

Melba Mebane, a vibrant 90-year-old, expressed her delight in collaborating with "amazing women who enjoy good food, laughter, and having fun.

Latest US Updates: Melba Mebane, a remarkable 90-year-old woman from Texas, recently made headlines for her astounding 74-year career at a department store. Working at Dillard's, she retired just last month without ever taking a day off or calling in sick, as reported by Fox News. Melba's journey began in 1949 at Mayer & Schmidt department store in Tyler, Texas, where she started as an "elevator girl." Dillard's later acquired the store in 1956, and Melba transitioned to working in men's clothing and cosmetology. James Saenz, the store manager at Dillard's in Tyler, praised Melba for her influential role in setting high standards for customer service and providing a luxurious experience. He expressed awe at the number of people she mentored and trained over the years, inspiring them to reach for greater heights. Mr. Saenz has known Melba for an impressive 65 years.

A 90-year-old woman from Texas made news for her extraordinary 74-year career at a department store. Melba Mebane recently retired from Dillard's, where she worked tirelessly without ever missing a day or falling sick. Starting as an "elevator girl" in 1949 at Mayer & Schmidt, which later became part of Dillard's, Melba eventually worked in men's clothing and cosmetology. The store manager, James Saenz, described her as more than just a salesperson, emphasizing her role as a guiding and caring figure. Melba expressed her love for her work and colleagues, and now looks forward to resting, traveling, and enjoying good food.

A special celebration was held to honor Melba's decades of dedicated service, and she was recognized with a certificate of excellence for being the store's longest-serving employee. Despite being a single mother, Melba built strong relationships within the company, including with the Dillard family and corporate leadership. Her son Terry, who is now a financial advisor, shared that Dillard's workers considered his mother the heart of the store.