Appeal Filed by Convicted Australian War Hero in Afghan Murders Case

Ben Roberts-Smith, a former SAS corporal and recipient of Australia's highest military accolade, the Victoria Cross, has taken legal action against three newspapers and their journalists. This legal action comes in response to articles that alleged his involvement in the unlawful killing of unarmed Afghan civilians during his service in Afghanistan.

Latest Sydney, Australia Updates: Australia's most highly decorated living war veteran, Ben Roberts-Smith, has filed an appeal against a defamation ruling that implicated him in the murder of four Afghans during his service in Afghanistan. Roberts-Smith, a former SAS corporal who was awarded the Victoria Cross, had previously sued three newspapers and their journalists over allegations of killing unarmed Afghan civilians outside the rules of war.

The Federal Court judge, however, ruled on June 1 that the newspapers had substantiated most of their claims. Now, on July 11, Roberts-Smith has lodged an appeal, according to court records. No further details about the appeal have been provided at this time.

Neither Roberts-Smith's lawyer nor the media company, Nine Entertainment Co, which owns the newspapers involved, have made immediate comments on the matter.

Although Roberts-Smith was not present during the June 1 judgment, he expressed his disagreement with the outcome of the lawsuit on June 15. He stated that he stood by his actions in the military and considered the ruling to be an incorrect and unfavorable outcome. Roberts-Smith further indicated the possibility of filing an appeal after reviewing the judgment.

"We will look at (the judgement) and consider whether or not we need to file an appeal," he stated during an interview with Nine's television arm.