British Police Seize 130 Million Pounds Worth Of Cannabis In Large -Ever Crackdown

The extensive investigation, lasting for a whole month, targeted a significant revenue stream for criminal gangs, as viewed by authorities.

Latest Updates: In a groundbreaking operation hailed as the most significant in UK law enforcement history, over 11,000 police officers have cracked down on organized crime related to the cannabis trade. The BBC reports that nearly 1,000 individuals have been arrested, and cannabis plants worth up to £130 million have been seized during raids across England and Wales in June. Additionally, authorities have confiscated £636,000 in cash, 20 firearms, and 20 kilograms of cocaine, potentially worth £1 million on the street.

Named "Operation Mille," this aggressive crackdown targets a lucrative source of income for organized crime gangs (OCGs), who are also involved in money laundering, smuggling Class A drugs, and engaging in violent activities.

The police have carried out an operation targeting large-scale cannabis cultivation, which is a major source of illegal income for criminal gangs, even though cannabis itself is classified as a Class B drug rather than a Class A drug like heroin or cocaine. This operation has disrupted a significant amount of criminal activity, according to the police. Steve Jupp, the lead for Serious and Organised Crime at the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC), stated that the organized networks involved in cannabis production are also connected to various other serious crimes such as importing Class A drugs, engaging in modern slavery, and perpetrating violence and exploitation. The information gathered from this operation will also assist in future law enforcement efforts throughout the country.