Canadian rapper Drake says this about 'the concept of marriage'

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Canadian rapper and singer Aubrey 'Drake' Graham

Latest Updates: Canadian rapper and singer Aubrey 'Drake' Graham recently opened up about his views on marriage in an interview with 'The Really Good Podcast with Bobbi Althoff,' as reported by Page Six. Drake, a five-time Grammy winner, expressed that he sees marriage as a concept rooted in ancient times and not necessarily aligned with his current priorities.

While he didn't rule out the possibility of marrying someday, Drake stated that he feels unable to offer the level of consistency and dedication that a committed relationship requires. For the artist, his life and work take precedence, and he believes that he may not be able to meet someone's expectations in a relationship at this stage of his life.

Drake firmly denied any intentions of continuing to "sleep around," as jokingly suggested by Althoff during the conversation. He emphasized that his decision to avoid marriage is not about pursuing casual relationships but rather stems from a fear of potentially disappointing a partner due to his focused lifestyle.

Throughout his career, Drake has been romantically linked to several A-list women, including Rashida Jones, Tyra Banks, SZA, Julia Fox, and Rihanna. Despite his past relationships, the rapper candidly admitted that he cannot envision settling down with a fellow celebrity.

In essence, Drake's unique perspective on love and relationships shines a light on his commitment to his craft and the challenges of balancing personal life with his thriving career.

"Drake's Distinctive Relationship Preferences: Seeking Individuality and Humor Over Fame"

According to a report by Page Six, Canadian rapper and Grammy winner Drake has candidly discussed his thoughts on marriage and relationships. He expressed that he is unlikely to end up with a famous partner, stating that famous individuals don't hold much intrigue for him.

When asked about the qualities he looks for in a potential partner, Drake emphasized the importance of individuality. He is drawn to someone who stands out, not just a carbon copy of others he has encountered in his life. A sense of humor is also a significant factor that he appreciates in a person.

Interestingly, Drake revealed his fondness for cosplay, appreciating those who are into it as well. He clarified that he doesn't necessarily need a partner to dress up in costumes for him, but the shared interest in cosplay would be a plus.

In 2017, Drake welcomed his son Adonis, whose existence was initially kept a secret until Pusha T made claims about his paternity. The rapper confirmed the news on his 2018 album 'Scorpion,' putting an end to the speculations.

Drake's unique perspective on relationships highlights his preference for authenticity and humor over fame when it comes to finding a compatible partner.