Heroic American bank employee foils robbery with quick thinking

The cashier feigned technical difficulties with the computer and politely requested the robber to "have a seat."

Latest US Updates: A recent bank robbery in the US was foiled when a clever cashier persuaded the robber to sit down until the police arrived to apprehend him. The incident, which occurred at a Florida bank on Friday, July 7, involved James Timothy Kelly, who entered PNC Bank in Hollywood with a mesh bag and a note demanding money, as reported by News sources.

The note had a straightforward message: "Hand over the cash."

According to an affidavit describing the incident, Mr. Kelly entered the bank and passed a note to a cashier. However, the quick-thinking employee, concerned about everyone's safety, acted as if she hadn't noticed the note. Instead, she handed him a withdrawal slip to fill out. In response, Mr. Kelly asserted his intentions by stating, "I'm not here for that. I'm here to rob you."

In a courageous move, the cashier, fearing for her safety and that of others, pretended to experience computer issues and calmly requested Mr. Kelly to have a seat.

The affidavit stated, "Driven by her concern for her own safety and those in her surroundings, the targeted bank teller pretended to encounter computer problems and politely asked Kelly to take a seat."

Upon following the cashier's instructions, Mr. Kelly unwittingly sealed his own fate as the robbery plan fell apart. Authorities were alerted and promptly dispatched to the bank after the incident was reported to the police. With a tactical entry through the bank's rear entrance, law enforcement apprehended Mr. Kelly while he sat waiting in the lobby.

Following his arrest, Mr. Kelly was transported to the Miami office of the FBI, where he admitted to attempting the robbery. As a consequence, he now faces a potential prison sentence of up to 20 years for his failed heist.