Musk's Tweet Influence Soars: Twitter Usage Spikes by 3.5% in Just One Week

The United Kingdom claimed the highest percentage of active user engagement on Twitter, accounting for 7.2%. Japan closely followed with 5.7% of active user seconds on the platform.

Latest Updates: Elon Musk recently shared data on Twitter highlighting a global increase of 3.5% in "Total User Active Seconds" week over week. In a late Friday tweet, he expressed that platform usage had grown by 3.5% compared to the previous week, accompanied by an attached image displaying Twitter usage statistics. According to the data provided, a significant majority of active users, nearly 87%, accessed Twitter through mobile devices.

Among the countries mentioned, the United Kingdom registered the highest percentage of user active seconds on Twitter at 7.2%, followed by Japan at 5.7%. This led to a user questioning whether Twitter had a larger user base in Japan compared to the United States.

Musk responded affirmatively, stating that Japan's Twitter usage per capita is approximately three times higher than that of the United States. Another user was astonished by the fact that mobile usage constituted 87.6% of active seconds. In response, they suggested prioritizing mobile development over desktop.

These insights from Elon Musk's tweets shed light on the increasing popularity of Twitter, with the UK and Japan emerging as notable contributors to the platform's active user engagement. The data also underscores the significance of mobile access in shaping Twitter's usage landscape.

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