US Man Found Died In Freezer Was Try To Evade From Police: Investigators

Mr. Buschman, who had an unresolved arrest warrant, is believed to have voluntarily sought refuge in the freezer as a means of concealing himself. Tragically, he inadvertently became trapped inside.

Latest US Updates: Preliminary reports indicate that a man in the United States, discovered deceased inside a freezer within an unoccupied residence last month, was attempting to evade law enforcement and took refuge in the freezer.

Brandon Lee Buschman, a 34-year-old individual, was found inside a chest freezer located in the basement of an empty house in Minnesota on June 26. It is believed that Mr. Buschman entered the freezer to hide from the police, as he had an active warrant for his arrest. However, he became unintentionally trapped inside.

The examination conducted after his death showed no signs of physical harm or injury. Law enforcement officials stated that the freezer was not operational when his body was discovered, as there had been no utilities connected in the house since last April. Additionally, authorities confirmed that the house had been vacant since February of this year.

In a press statement, it was mentioned that the chest freezer in which Mr. Buschman's body was discovered was an older model without the ability to be opened from the inside. The release stated, "Once shut, the freezer cannot be pushed open from within."

During the investigation, it was discovered that a metal rod had been inserted from the inside of the freezer in an unsuccessful attempt to force open the latching mechanism, resulting in it becoming stuck.

Investigators are currently working to determine a more precise timeframe regarding the last sighting of Mr. Buschman while he was still alive. They are also awaiting the final toxicology reports from the post-mortem examination. The police have not disclosed the specific crime for which Mr. Buschman was wanted.