NABARD has also played an important role in emerging Haryana as the leading state in several domains - Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare Minister

NABARD has made a significant contribution to the rural development of the country- J.P Dalal
Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare Minister

Chandigarh, July 19- Haryana Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare Minister, Sh. J.P. Dalal said that National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has been instrumental in strengthening the rural infrastructure of the country. With the cooperation of NABARD, Haryana has emerged as the leading state in several domains. NABARD has stepped up as a key supporter of the animal husbandry sector, offering self-employment opportunities to the youth residing in rural areas.

        Sh. J.P. Dalal was speaking as the Chief Guest at the 42nd Foundation Day of NABARD at the NABARD Regional Office here today.

        Sh. J.P. Dalal commended NABARD for its contribution in preparing the State Focus Paper and for its efforts in computerizing Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies (PACS). He mentioned that when Haryana separated from Punjab and became an independent state in 1966, there were concerns regarding the payment of salaries to employees. However, with the support of NABARD, the farmers and employers of Haryana have propelled the state to a position of leadership in various fields, while NABARD has provided capital for rural infrastructure development.

        Sh. Dalal highlighted that approximately 7 to 8 lakh acres of land in Haryana are alkaline, and 2 lakh acres are saline, rendering about 10 percent of the land unsuitable for cultivation. However, this land can be utilized for activities like fishing and shrimp farming. Haryana alone exports shrimp worth around Rs 100 crore. He further emphasized that by collaborating, the Haryana government and NABARD can together steer the rural economy towards a new direction.

NABARD should form organic farmer producer group

        Sh. JP Dalal said that NABARD should also come forward to form organic farmer producer groups on the same lines as NABARD is providing financial assistance to self-help groups.The demand for organic agricultural products in Gurugram and Delhi is more . The state government is exploring possibilities of setting up organic market in NCR. He expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi, as due to his efforts United Nations has declared 2023 as Millets Year. Southern Haryana produces a great amount of  Millets  and the government purchases it at a minimum support price of Rs 2500 per quintal. NABARD stepped up to help farmers transition from the wheat and paddy crop cycles to other crops.

        He said that the Haryana Government is providing financial assistance at the rate of Rs. 7,000 per acre to the farmers for growing other crops in place of paddy. Similarly, farmers who sow paddy using DSR technology are also being given financial assistance of Rs 4,000 per acre. He called upon the officers of NABARD to come forward to support the farmers with an open mind and work as Team India to realize Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi's vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat and strengthening the rural economy.

        He stated that, the Haryana Government is setting up an International Fruit and Vegetable Market at Gannaur which will cost around Rs 10 lakh. The annual turnover of this market is estimated to be 30 to 40 thousand crore rupees. Which will also  generate employment opportunities at the local level and NABARD will also cooperate in this project too.

        Country now has a strong administration working under the leadership of Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi, and that the world has acknowledged this permanent leadership. NABARD should take advantage of the present scenario and contribute to the country's prosperity, he added.

Rs 4.85 crore sanctioned for 661 PACS

        Giving details of the activities undertaken by NABARD, Chief General Manager, NABARD Regional Office Smt. Deepa Guha, said that NABARD has provided Rs.13,000 crore as loan to the State of Haryana this year, out of which Rs.1200 crore has been provided for rural infrastructure, Rs.4,700 crore for long-term loan and Rs.6,800 crore for crop loan. She informed that NABARD has approved computerization of 710 PACS out of 730 PACS in the state. Rs. 4.85 crore has been sanctioned for 661 PACS. The process from PACS to NABARD is being done online. 28 states have adopted NABARD rules, Haryana being one of them. Now PACS has been designed to function as multi-purpose institutions, with plans to run more than 25 business activities such as dairy, fisheries, setting up of warehouses, LPG, petrol, green energy distribution agency, banking correspondents, CSCs, etc.

        NABARD has granted authorization certificate for Joint Liability Group (JLG) to District Central Co-operative Bank, Jind, Rewari and Sarv Haryana Gramin Bank, Rohtak. Under this, 4 women can be given a loan of up to Rs 2 lakh. So far, loans up to Rs 1 lakh are given to self-help groups.

        Chairman HARCO Bank, Sh. Hukam Singh Bhati, Chief General Manager NABARD Punjab Sh. B. Raghunath, General Manager SLBC, Haryana Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Chairman Sarv Haryana Gramin Bank Sh. Pranay  Mohanty and other officers of NABARD and DCCB.Chairman, Sh. Harkam Singh Bhati, Chairman, HARCO Bank and Sh. B Raghu, Chief General Manager, NABARD Punjab remained  present on the occasion.