Anil Agarwal, Vedanta Group Chairman, on a the Way for a New Mission

Anil Agarwal, the esteemed industrialist and Chairman of Vedanta Group, shares his passion for social media and his quest to enhance his selfie-taking abilities. With over a year of experience using social media, he recognizes its remarkable capacity to connect him with a diverse range of individuals.

Vedanta Group Chairman Anil Agarwal

Latest Updates: Anil Agarwal, a well-known industrialist and Chairman of Vedanta Group, has embarked on an exciting new venture: mastering the art of capturing great selfies. Through a recent tweet, Agarwal showcased his enthusiasm for social media and his eagerness to improve his selfie-taking abilities.

For more than a year, Anil Agarwal, a prominent industrialist and Chairman of Vedanta Group, has been actively engaging with social media. He recognizes the power of this platform to connect him with a wide-ranging audience and offer distinctive avenues for interaction.

Utilizing this medium, he has connected with individuals worldwide, acquiring knowledge about different trends, unearthing novel Bihari cuisine destinations to visit, and, notably, witnessing the extraordinary accomplishments of talented young Indians who consistently etch their names in the annals of history.

Anil Agarwal recently reflected on his journey with social media, expressing gratitude for the opportunity it has given him to connect with a diverse range of individuals. He highlighted his eagerness to learn about global trends, discover new places to try Bihari cuisine, and be inspired by the remarkable talents of young Indians who are making history. Additionally, he humorously mentioned his next mission: mastering the art of taking a good selfie.

In another nostalgic incident, the Chairman of Vedanta Group shared a heartwarming story on Father's Day 2023. While tidying up his house, he stumbled upon a box containing an album from his childhood. The album featured black and white photos of him and his father, with his father often seen wearing his beloved blue coat and dhoti. Anil Agarwal fondly reminisced about being a young boy, seeking comfort by hiding behind his father in those cherished moments.

Reflecting on his father's love, Agarwal expressed that it possesses a distinct and special quality. He noted that fathers may scold at times, but they also shower an abundance of affection and love. Agarwal shared this sentiment on Twitter, emphasizing the unique nature of a father's love.

Anil Agarwal fondly recalled a heartwarming anecdote about his father's way of expressing love for his children. Irrespective of the time he arrived home from work, his father always made it a point to bring them a small gift, whether it was a sweet treat or tangy pomegranate dry seeds. This gesture left a lasting impression on Agarwal, showcasing the love and thoughtfulness his father had for his children.