Delhi College Student Raped: Shocking Incident Unfolds as Posing as Cop, Accused Rapes

Ravi Solanki purportedly recorded a video on his mobile phone of the couple in his vehicle on July 7.

New Delhi: In New Delhi, a 20-year-old college student fell victim to rape near her apartment last week. The perpetrator, Ravi Solanki, disguised himself as a police officer and used a recorded video of the victim and her boyfriend to threaten her. However, Solanki was apprehended on Thursday. On July 7, he had filmed the young couple in his car after following them on his bike. He then proceeded to wait for the moment when the boyfriend dropped off the victim near her residence in Prashant Vihar.

Inside the apartment building, the assailant approached the victim on the stairs, pretending to be a policeman. Shockingly, he displayed the incriminating video and issued threats of sharing it online. The perpetrator then launched a vicious attack, raping the victim on the stairs before making his escape, as per the police statement. In a brave move, the woman confided in her boyfriend, and together they reported the heinous crime to the authorities.

The police labeled the case as a "blind case" since the attacker was unfamiliar to the woman. However, thanks to key evidence such as a composite sketch created based on the woman's description and the assistance of CCTV footage, law enforcement successfully traced and apprehended the accused individual.