Fresh Tomatoes At ₹ 250 A Kg in This State

The surge in vegetable prices is largely attributed to the ongoing heatwave in major tomato cultivation regions, along with excessive rainfall, causing disruptions in the supply chain.

Uttarkashi (Uttarakhand): Tomato prices have soared to exorbitant levels in the northern region, particularly in Gangotri Dham where they are priced at ₹250/kg and in Uttarkashi district where they range from ₹180 to ₹200/kg. Local vegetable sellers have expressed concern over the sudden surge, stating that consumers are reluctant to purchase tomatoes due to the high prices. The spike in prices is attributed to the combination of a scorching heatwave and heavy rainfall, which have disrupted the tomato supply chains in key growing areas. Furthermore, the relatively short shelf life of tomatoes is believed to contribute to their inflated prices. In contrast, Chennai is currently experiencing more moderate tomato prices, ranging from ₹100 to ₹130 per kg.

In an effort to provide relief to consumers amidst soaring tomato prices, the Tamil Nadu government has initiated the sale of subsidized tomatoes at ₹60 per kg through ration shops in Chennai, the state capital. Similarly, Karnataka has also witnessed a significant surge in tomato prices. In Bengaluru, tomatoes are currently priced between ₹101 and ₹121 per kilogram. The sharp increase in prices is attributed to the sudden rise in temperature during March and April, leading to pest attacks on tomato crops and subsequent higher market rates.