Haryana Energy Minister Assesses Flood Preparedness in Sirsa District Amid Rising Ghaggar River Water

The Haryana Energy Minister takes charge and assesses the flood preparedness in Sirsa district, closely monitoring the rising water levels of the Ghaggar River. This proactive measure showcases the government's commitment to ensuring the safety and preparedness of the region in the face of potential flooding.

Chandigarh – Amidst the continuous rise in the water level of the Ghaggar river and the potential for flooding in Sirsa district, Haryana Energy Minister, Mr. Ranjit Singh, visited several villages to assess the situation and review the preparedness measures undertaken by the administration.

        During his visit today, Mr. Ranjit Singh visited Musahib Wala, Farmai, Panihari, Nejadela Kalan and Khurd, Budhabana, Kiradkot, and Nagoki villages of Sirsa today. He interacted with officials, discussing the measures in place to address the possible flood situation due to erosion in the Ghaggar river at certain locations. Relief and rescue operations are currently underway in rural areas affected by the rising water levels.

        The Minister emphasized the significance of the next three days in determining the extent of the Ghaggar river's water level rise. He said that the state government is vigilant and prepared to address any challenges that may arise. Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal is closely monitoring the situation, receiving minute-to-minute reports, he added.

        Assuring adequate arrangements to handle potential floods and other situations related to the Ghaggar river, the Minister confirmed that the government and administration have mobilized all necessary resources for this purpose.