Haryana Police's vigilance against Cybercrime yields significant results: Rs 27.44 Crore Saved, 689 Cyber Thugs arrested in 6 months

"Haryana Police's cyber vigilance triumphs: Rs 27.44 Cr saved, 689 thugs nabbed in 6 months. Safeguarding the digital realm, justice prevails!"
Haryana Police's vigilance against Cybercrime

Latest Updates Chandigarh, July 19 - Haryana Police has demonstrated commendable success in combating cyber fraud, saving a total of Rs. 27.44 crore in the last six months. The state's nodal agency SCB played a crucial role in saving Rs. 16.45 crore, while district police contributed Rs. 10.48 crore to this significant feat.

Sharing the information here today, a police spokesperson highlighted that 689 cyber thugs have been apprehended during this period. In addition, the proactive measures resulted in the blocking of 33,425 mobile numbers associated with cyber fraud.

The state police's prompt and resolute actions have dealt severe blows to cyber fraudsters in numerous cases. Notably, the Cyber Helpline Centre 1930, located in Panchkula and currently under the State Crime Branch, receives over 1000 calls daily seeking assistance against cybercrime.

Further, the spokesperson revealed that the National Cyber Helpline received 52,824 complaints from January to June, representing a 5 percent increase compared to the previous year. Of these complaints, 38% were resolved by the state police. During this period, the state police registered 1,224 cases, out of which 223 cases were filed under the IT Act, and 1001 cases under the IPC. Encouragingly, the state police achieved success in 286 cases.

The Cyber Helpline of the State Crime Branch recorded a significant achievement by saving Rs. 3.32 crore from cyber thugs in the month of June alone. In March 2023, the maximum amount saved was 3.29 crores. In total, the Cybercrime National Helpline has saved Rs. 16.45 crores from January to June, while the district police saved Rs. 10.48 crores. These collective efforts resulted in the remarkable achievement of saving Rs. 27.44 crore from cyber fraud in just six months. The state police also managed to recover 2000 American dollars and 340 Euros in foreign currency.

Furthermore, the spokesperson informed that till June this year, the combined efforts of the State Crime Branch and District Police led to the arrest of 689 cyber thugs. Additionally, 179 high-value cases were registered, considering cyber fraud above 5 lakh as high-value cases. Moreover, 23 suo moto cases were also registered by the state police in response to the gravity of the fraud. The State Cyber Nodal Organization SCB's Cyber Helpline Centre 1930 received an overwhelming response, with 1,80,477 calls being received within the first six months.

Working in accordance with the Ministry of Home Affairs' guidelines, the State Cyber Crime Coordination Centre, located in Panchkula and established within the State Crime Branch, has made substantial strides in the fight against cybercrime. Notably, the centre successfully blocked 33,425 mobile numbers used in cyber fraud. Moreover, complaints have been lodged against over 36,000 mobile numbers on the portal, leading to prompt action.

The State Cyber Crime Coordination Centre has taken proactive measures to freeze 66,732 bank accounts linked to cyber thugs, effectively curbing their ability to utilize these accounts for fraudulent activities. A dedicated team of five police personnel, under the supervision of officers, has been formed at the centre. This team diligently prepares reports on mobile numbers involved in cybercrime on a daily basis. In case a closed number holder has objections, they can contact their local police station with their Aadhaar card and SIM for further assistance. The Crime Branch will address their concerns through an online medium, verifying the legitimacy of the complaint and taking appropriate actions.

The Haryana Police remains committed to safeguarding its citizens against cyber threats and will continue its relentless efforts to ensure cyber safety for all, he added.