Haryana to Create World's Largest Jungle Safari Park - Attracting Global Visitors

Exciting news! Haryana plans World's Biggest Jungle Safari Park - a global magnet for visitors. Embark on a thrilling wildlife adventure! 
CM Manohar Lal announced the construction of the world's largest Jungle Safari Park in the state.

Latest Haryana News Updates: Haryana's Chief Minister, Manohar Lal, announced the development of the world's largest jungle safari park in the state. This ambitious project aims to not only conserve the Aravalli mountain range but also boost tourism in Gurugram and Nuh regions. The concerned departments have been directed to fulfill all formalities for the park's establishment.

Spanning over 10,000 acres in the Aravalli region of Gurugram and Nuh districts, the jungle safari park will be developed in three phases, with the first phase targeted to be completed within two years.

The project involves hiring two international companies for consultation and design to ensure a safari park that mirrors the concept of a biodiversity park. One company has already presented its proposal, and the final selection will soon be made.

The park aims to showcase diverse species of animals and birds, both native to the region and those that can thrive in Haryana's climate and are brought from abroad. Efforts will be made to protect endangered species and provide them a safe haven.

Furthermore, arrangements for a migratory bird habitat, like Sultanpur Lake, are being discussed. The authorities emphasize that such safari parks play a vital role in conserving and preserving endangered species, and they are committed to protecting these species within the park's premises.

The meeting was attended by the Principal Secretary of the Forest Department, Shri M.D. Sinha, and the Managing Director of Haryana Tourism Corporation, Shri Neeraj Kumar, among other senior officials.

Haryana's initiative to create the world's largest jungle safari park is set to become a major attraction for tourists worldwide. With its focus on conservation and offering a captivating wildlife experience, the park aims to be a haven for both native and international animal species, securing their future and contributing to the state's tourism growth.