Himachal Congress Minister's Support for Uniform Civil Code Earns Praise from BJP

Former Himachal Chief Minister Jairam Thakur acknowledged that if Vikramaditya Singh made such a statement, it indicates that he followed his inner voice and bravely expressed his true beliefs.

Shimla: Jairam Thakur, former Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh and a leader of the BJP, voiced his backing for Himachal Pradesh PWD Minister Vikramaditya Singh's support of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC). Thakur emphasized that Singh's statement was a sincere and brave reflection of his personal beliefs. Additionally, Thakur noted that a considerable number of people across different political parties and ideologies also support the UCC.

Thakur stated that when discussions arise regarding the UCC, many people, regardless of their political affiliations, recognize that implementing such a decision would be in the best interest of the nation and society. He reiterated the longstanding demand for equal laws applicable to all individuals, emphasizing the importance of a uniform legal framework."

Himachal Pradesh PWD Minister, Vikramaditya Singh, broke away from the Congress' stance on the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) and stated that the party would back the UCC whenever it is introduced. Singh highlighted that the Congress has consistently worked towards promoting unity and integrity.

"We have expressed our endorsement of the Uniform Civil Code, pledging our support for its implementation whenever the time comes. The Congress party has always played a role in fostering unity and upholding the country's integrity," he remarked. Vikramaditya Singh is the son of Pratibha Singh, the state Congress chief, and the late Virbhadra Singh, who served as Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh for six terms.

Vikramaditya Singh criticized the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), accusing them of initiating a misleading debate while significant issues continue to plague the nation. He highlighted the ongoing unrest in Manipur, which has escalated to the brink of a civil war, criticizing the lack of action against the Chief Minister. According to Singh, the BJP avoids addressing the pressing issues and instead diverts attention by starting new debates.

In the meantime, the Congress Parliamentary Strategy Group has scheduled a meeting at the residence of former All India Congress Committee (AICC) chief Sonia Gandhi on 10, Janpath in New Delhi. The meeting is planned ahead of the Parliamentary Standing Committee's discussion on the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) on July 3.