Noida's Disaster Team Saves Bull Worth More Than a House

A National Disaster Response Force successfully saved three cattle, including a prized bull named 'Pritam' from a prestigious bloodline.

New Delhi Latest Updates: In an act of compassion, disaster rescue teams in New Delhi stepped in to aid stranded animals in Noida, trapped by floodwater caused by the overflowing Yamuna river. Notably, a bull from the esteemed 'Pritam' bloodline, valued at an astounding ₹1 crore, was among the animals rescued. The 8th Battalion of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) in Ghaziabad shared images and videos on Twitter, showcasing their efforts in saving cattle and goats. They mentioned the successful rescue of three animals, including India's top-ranked bull, "PRITAM," emphasizing the NDRF's dedication to saving lives in flood-affected regions.

Despite receding from its peak, the water level in the Yamuna river remains significantly high at 207.68 meters today, surpassing the danger mark by two meters. This year, the Yamuna has broken a 45-year-old record, highlighting the severity of the situation.