Railway Board Chairman says Vande Bharat Express trains for top-notch fire safety arrangements

Anil Kumar Lohati, Railway Board Chairman, assures top-notch fire safety in Vande Bharat Express Trains, praising their excellent arrangements. Discover the secure and efficient semi-high-speed travel experience!
Vande Bharat Express Fire Safety Feature
Vande Bharat Express Train

Latest Vande Bharat Express Train Updates: Railway Board Chairman, Anil Kumar Lahoti, reassures passengers about fire safety in Vande Bharat Express trains, emphasizing their excellent arrangements. Following a recent incident where a blaze erupted in the battery box of a coach, he affirms that the safety measures swiftly contained the fire, preventing any injuries or further damage.

During his statement to reporters, Lahoti emphasizes the commitment to passenger safety in Vande Bharat trains, highlighting the effectiveness of their fire prevention protocols. The incident at Kurwai Kethora station in Madhya Pradesh was handled promptly, thanks to the well-implemented safety procedures.

Regarding the low occupancy of the Indore-Bhopal Vande Bharat train, Lahoti asserts that the railway board is actively addressing the issue and working on finding a solution. Despite this, he points out that overall, these trains have seen high demand, with seat occupancy exceeding 95 percent.

Lahoti also mentions that the ticket fares for these trains remain uniform across the country, ensuring a consistent travel experience for passengers.

The Railway Board Chairman's visit to review rail projects in and around Indore underscores the commitment to enhance railway infrastructure and services, emphasizing the safety and efficiency of Vande Bharat Express trains.

Discover the secure and convenient travel experience of Vande Bharat Express trains with top-notch fire safety arrangements, as assured by the Railway Board Chairman, Anil Kumar Lahoti. The incident at Kurwai Kethora station highlights the effectiveness of their safety protocols in promptly containing any potential hazards. Stay tuned as the railway board works on addressing occupancy concerns in certain routes while maintaining affordable and consistent ticket fares nationwide.