Yamuna river water level rises near Taj Mahal, officials confirm safety of monument

Agra Officials Heighten Relief Readiness as Yamuna River Reaches 495.8 Feet Water Level

Latest Updates On Taj Mahal: Yamuna River Crosses 'Low-Level Flood' in Agra, Approaches Taj Mahal Walls; Monuments Threatened but Safe, Confirm Authorities

The Yamuna River, previously surpassing the danger mark in Delhi, has now exceeded the 'low-level flood' threshold of 495 feet in Agra, coming dangerously close to the Taj Mahal's perimeter. A garden adjacent to the 17th-century marvel has been submerged by the river's surging waters. Local authorities report that the Yamuna's water level has reached 497.99 feet. However, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) assures that the UNESCO World Heritage site faces no immediate peril. Notably, water has infiltrated the outer areas of Itimad-ud-Daula's tomb and the Dussehra Ghat in the vicinity of the Taj Mahal.

The rising river level also poses a threat to other monuments like Rambagh, Mehtab Bagh, Zohra Bagh, and Kala Gumbad. Nonetheless, according to the ASI, these structures remain out of harm's way.

Officials emphasize that the water has not penetrated the Taj Mahal's basement.

Agra Officials Intensify Relief Preparations as Yamuna River Surges to 495.8 Feet

As the water level in the Yamuna River reached 495.8 feet on Sunday, authorities in Agra took proactive measures to enhance their readiness for potential relief efforts. In addition, they reported that the road leading to the Taj Mahal became waterlogged due to drainage overflow into the flooded river.

District Magistrate Navneet Chahal conducted an inspection of the low-lying areas in Agra city on Sunday. He instructed the relevant officials to make appropriate arrangements in case of a flood-like situation.

"We are fully prepared to handle a flood-like scenario should it arise. Necessary posts have been established, and boatmen and divers are on high alert. Residents in low-lying areas have been advised to remain vigilant," stated Yashvardhan Srivastav, ADM (Finance and Revenue), in an interview with news agency PTI.

Authorities have also intensified their arrangements in villages bordering the Chambal River within the Agra district.

According to an official, the rise in the Yamuna River's water level was caused by the discharge of water from two barrages over the past 24 hours. The Okhla Barrage released 106,473 cusecs of water, while the Gokul Barrage in Mathura, where all seven gates have been opened, released 124,302 cusecs of water.