Officers should ensure to inspect schools once a week-School Education Minister, Sh. Kanwar Pal

"School Education Minister advises weekly school inspections for officers. Prioritizing quality education and student welfare for a brighter future."

Chandigarh, July 19– Haryana School Education Minister, Sh. Kanwar Pal while directing the officers said that all the officers should ensure to inspect the schools once a week. He added that where there are deficiencies in government schools, they should be rectified immediately.

        The School Education Minister was addressing the meeting with DEOs, DEEOs, BEOs of all the districts through video conferencing today.

Disciplinary action should be taken against any teacher found absent during school inspection

        Sh. Kanwar Pal directed the DEO, DEEO, BEO that if any teacher is found not present in the school, then that teacher should be marked absent. If any teacher is found absent during checking/inspection, disciplinary action should be taken against that teacher. A list of 10 officers has been issued in each district to inspect schools.

Teachers should talk to parents about the low attendance of student in school and their weakness in studies

        Sh. Kanwar Pal said that the teachers should talk to the parents of the children over the phone, having low attendance or facing any issues in studies. He added that this exercise will help the parents to stay updated regarding their child's performance.

Children should be encouraged to use tablets

        Directing the officers, the School Education Minister said that the children should be given assignments on tablets. Along with this, teachers should also make 100 percent use of tablets.

Sh. Kanwar Pal said that in the districts of the state where the schools are doing very well, the principals of other schools should go and visit such schools. He added that success stories of the school and students should be shared on social media so that good practices of one school can be adopted by other schools as well. 

Director of Secondary Education Department, Sh. Anshaj Singh, Director, Elementary Education, Haryana, Sh.  Ashok Kumar Garg and other officers of the department were also present in the meeting.