Sachin and Seema Haider's journey ends, Seema will be sent back to Pakistan!

In this heart-wrenching tale, the love story of Sachin and Seema Haider reaches a poignant conclusion. As circumstances force them apart, Seema faces the heartbreaking reality of being sent back to her homeland, Pakistan.
Sachin and Seema Haider's journey ends

Latest Updates: "Hello, I am Seema from Pakistan, and you... I'm Sachin, from Noida near Delhi. Love during PUBG brought our hearts so close that even the borders of our countries couldn't keep us apart.

Seema Haider from Sindh, Pakistan, defied her family to pursue her love and even outsmarted security agencies of both nations.

However, this 68-day love story now faces the vigilance of security agencies, and preparations are underway to send Seema Haider back to Pakistan.

The love between Seema and Sachin Meena started when the whole world was confined by the fear of COVID-19. Seema was passionate about playing PUBG, and it was during one such game that she connected with Sachin.

Initially, they competed against each other, but gradually, they felt the connection between their hearts. Unaware of when it happened, they fell for each other.

Seema asked for Sachin's phone number, and they spent hours talking to each other. Their conversations continued day and night, and they decided to meet.

They chose Nepal as their meeting place and fixed the date for March 10. Sachin booked a room in Vinayak Hotel and reached Nepal on March 9. Seema joined him a day later. They spent time together from March 10 to March 17.

During their stay, Sachin filled Seema's demand for sindoor (vermillion) in their hotel room and made her his wife, binding them together forever.

After spending seven delightful days together, Seema returned to Pakistan, and Sachin went back to Noida. Once she was back in Pakistan, Seema realized she couldn't live without Sachin.

She decided to cross the threshold of her home and sell her 39-square-yard house to finance her journey to India. Knowing that a direct entry from Pakistan to India wouldn't be permitted, she diligently saved 2.3 million rupees using every opportunity available.

Then, she embarked on her journey to India.

Learn how Seema entered India:

On May 10, Seema Haider, accompanied by her four children, began her journey from Karachi Airport to Dubai on a tourist visa. After spending a day in Dubai, on May 11, she boarded a flight from Dubai Airport to Kathmandu, Nepal.

From Kathmandu, she took a public transport van to Pokhara and stayed overnight. The following day, she crossed the Nepal-India border by bus, making her way to Spanadehi-Khunwa in India.

Her love story became a part of prime time media coverage. Some viewed it as a true love story, while others speculated it to be related to a secret marriage.

Seema and Sachin's love story garnered attention on social media and even made headlines on prime time news, leading to increased vigilance by security agencies.

Revelation of Seema Haider's Brother Serving in the Pakistani Army

When the disclosure of Seema Haider's brother being a part of the Pakistani army came to light as she attempted to enter India from Pakistan, security agencies were compelled to take the matter seriously.

Seema herself shared this information with the media, prompting security agencies to initiate a thorough investigation into her background. The responsibility of probing this love story fell into the hands of the Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS).

As the UP ATS began questioning Seema and Sachin, they received evasive responses to several crucial questions.

The police felt the case resembled a honeytrap, with Seema's plans to enter India from Pakistan under the guise of love appearing deceptive.

Seema claimed to have completed the 5th grade, but her proficient English-speaking skills cast doubt on the authenticity of her statements.

During the investigation, it was discovered that even Seema's children had received special training. As a result, investigative agencies are now examining the entire case from the perspective of a possible honeytrap operation.