Unveiling Dhoni's Genius: KKR Star Reveals How He Orchestrated a Dismissal

MS Dhoni recently guided CSK to their fifth IPL championship, matching a record.
MS Dhoni stands as one of cricket's most accomplished leaders, boasting an impressive array of accolades.

Latest Updates: MS Dhoni, the esteemed former captain of the Indian cricket team, is renowned for his astute cricketing acumen. Through various anecdotes shared by his former teammates, his tactical brilliance on the field has been repeatedly highlighted. Dhoni holds the distinction of being the sole Indian captain to secure victories in all three ICC white-ball tournaments. Recently, he led the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) to a remarkable fifth Indian Premier League title, matching a record. Despite his remarkable success in both international and franchise cricket, the enigmatic nature of Dhoni's captaincy style continues to captivate observers.

After retiring from international cricket in 2020, MS Dhoni continues to capture the hearts of cricket enthusiasts. The latest player to shed light on Dhoni's tactical brilliance is Venkatesh Iyer, an all-rounder for India and the Kolkata Knight Riders. Recounting a match against Dhoni's Chennai Super Kings, Venkatesh described how Dhoni's innovative field placement resulted in his own dismissal. With two fielders on the off-side, Dhoni suddenly called for a fielder to be positioned on the other side. The very next ball went in that direction, leading to Venkatesh's caught-out dismissal. Perplexed by the timing, Venkatesh couldn't help but admire Dhoni's strategic thinking. In fact, Venkatesh was so intrigued that he confronted Dhoni after the match to understand the reasoning behind the decision. Dhoni explained that based on the way Venkatesh was hitting the ball, the fielders needed to be adjusted accordingly. Venkatesh was in awe of Dhoni's quick thinking, ability to analyze angles, and considered it to be his greatest strength.