10 Best Biryani Places in India

Dorabjee & Sons, Pune

Revered as a culinary cornerstone, this iconic establishment garners acclaim for its irresistible Biryani, a must-indulge treat.

Paradise Food Court, Hyderabad

Renowned for its Hyderabadi Biryani, this iconic eatery stands as a must-visit destination when in town.

Tunday Kababi, Lucknow

Tunday Kababi, an emblem of Lucknow cuisine, is celebrated for its exquisite Awadhi Biryani, an essential culinary experience.

Arsalan, Kolkata

For avid Biryani enthusiasts, Arsalan shines as a Kolkata-style Biryani haven, beckoning all to savor its flavors.

Shalimar, Mumbai

Nestled along Mohammad Ali Road, Shalimar reigns supreme, acclaimed not only for its Biryani but also for a rich array of Mughlai delights.

Karim's, Delhi

Housed near Jama Masjid, Karim's wears its historical legacy with pride, a gastronomic gem revered for its delectable Biryani.

Nagarjuna, Bangalore

Nagarjuna boasts a fiery twist with its Andhra-style Biryani, tantalizing palates with an extra kick of spice, setting it apart.

Dindigul Thalappakatti Restaurant, Chennai

This eatery captures hearts with its authentic Chettinad-style Biryani, a culinary masterpiece celebrated far and wide.

Kayees, Kochi'

Kochi's culinary landscape is graced by Kayees Biryani, famed for its Malabar Biryani, an experience not to be missed.

Hakeem's Restaurant, Bhopal

Hakeem's, a prominent non-vegetarian hub, embraces Biryani as a stellar specialty among its diverse offerings, pleasing discerning tastes.

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