10 talking birds to have as pets

African Grey Parrot

African Greys are extremely bright and can pick up a wide variety of words. They are renowned for their remarkable talking and imitating ability.

Amazon Parrots

With the right training and socialization, these colorful parrots, which are well-known for their talking abilities, may build up a strong vocabulary.

Indian Ringneck Parakeet

Indian Ringneck Parakeets have the potential to become proficient talkers, frequently with different voices, given the right training and socializing.

Parrot Eclectus

Eclectus Parrots are renowned for their crystal-clear pronunciation, extensive vocabulary, and special ability to mimic human speech.

Budgie (Budgerigar)

Small parrots called budgies may be taught to mimic noises and talk, making them popular talking bird pets.

Quaker Parrot

The Quaker Parrot is known for being a skilled talker who can pick up a broad variety of words and expressions.

Yellow-naped Amazon

Yellow-naped Amazons are renowned for their outstanding communication skills, and they can acquire a broad vocabulary and accurately mimic human speech.


Though not as developed as those of some larger parrots, cockatiels may nonetheless be trained to mimic phrases and whistles with practice.

Senegal Parrot

The capacity of Senegal Parrots to mimic and converse with people, frequently establishing a strong vocabulary, is well recognized.


With the right instruction, socialization, and regular engagement, certain species of cockatoos, like the Umbrella Cockatoo, may learn to communicate verbally.

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