5 Indian Superfoods that Hold the Key to a Happy Thyroid


Elevating thyroid health on multiple fronts, superfoods wield the power to harmonize imbalances like hypo, hyper, and autoimmune conditions. Let's delve into five of these nutritional heroes!

Coriander seeds

Abundant in vitamins A, C, K, and folate, coriander seeds emerge as thyroid allies, influencing optimal function, reducing inflammation, and catalyzing T4 to T3 conversion in the liver. Embrace the ritual of sipping coriander water on an empty morning canvas for optimal impact.


In its various forms—be it as pristine flesh, replenishing coconut water, or versatile coconut oil—this tropical gem unfurls a tapestry of benefits for thyroid patrons. It's a catalyst for rejuvenating lethargic metabolism, a gift from its treasury of MCFAs and MTCs .


The potent of Vitamin C, increases the potency of orange by eight times and reduces that of pomegranate by 17 times. It nourishes hair, prevents greying, and invigorates hair follicles with flexibility and scalp circulation. Enjoy the goodness of amla through fruitpowder or juice


A tireless contributor to thyroid harmony, this superfood is a maestro in balancing hormone levels, delivering a bouquet of iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A, and protein.

Moong beans

Show a combination of proteins, antioxidants, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Those thyroid-friendly foods shine more, especially for those who are struggling with one of the common consequences of the thyroid — constipation.


By introducing these nutritional dynamos into your culinary journey, you pave a path to a thriving thyroid and holistic well-being.