6 Foods That Can Affect Fertility

High Mercury Fish

Not all seafood poses a threat, yet fish laden with elevated mercury levels can deplete the body's omega-3 reserves, ultimately casting a shadow over fertility prospects.

Full Fat Dairy Products

The consumption of a minimum of two portions of full-fat dairy products such as cheese and whole milk each day can potentially impede sperm motility, particularly among young males.

Processed Meat

Men who are habitual of eating meat have seen a 23 per cent reduction in sperm count compared to those who eat meat in moderation or abstain completely. The presence of hormonal residues within processed meats can disrupt the complex reproductive balance.

Aerated Beverages

The alarm bells ring louder for those who indulge in over one serving of soda daily, as this practice can compromise the agility of sperm. The culprit is sugar, fostering insulin resistance and paving the way for sperm damage fueled by oxidative stress.

Trans Fats

Beware the stealthy trans fats lurking within microwave popcorn and potato chips, as they have the potential to inflict harm on the blood vessels responsible for ferrying essential nutrients to reproductive organs.

Foods With High Pesticides

A recent research revelation unfolds, indicating that women exposed to high levels of pesticides face a 26 percent decrease in the likelihood of conception, in stark contrast to their counterparts with lower pesticide exposure.

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