6 Times Suhana Khan Stole Hearts with Saree Elegance

Engagement celebration

Suhana Khan graced her friend Aaliyah Kashyap’s engagement celebration, radiating charm in a striking electric blue saree.

She matched the saree with an adorned sleeveless blouse, creating a captivating ensemble.


Accentuating her attire with golden earrings and a black bindi, Suhana chose minimalistic accessories.

Makeup wonderfully complemented her saree attire, enhancing her graceful appearance.

Suhana exuded sheer beauty in a golden saree paired with a delicate noodle-strap blouse.


In a peach-colored saree adorned with intricate details, Suhana epitomized elegance, donning a cold shoulder blouse.

The starlet looked drop dead gorgeous in a saree as she showcased her mesmerizing style.

Suhana's glamor in the red saree increased so much that she left an indelible impression.

Dressed in a black saree with a corset-style blouse, Suhana Khan was a beauty to behold.

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