7 Best Monsoon Destinations in India


Shillong, bedecked with astonishing waterfalls like Elephant Falls, Bishop Falls, and Crinoline Falls, showcases its captivating allure during the monsoon's enchanting embrace.


In the rainy veil of the monsoon, Darjeeling unfolds its splendor—expansive tea estates, undulating hills, timeless toy trains, and verdant valleys paint a mesmerizing portrait of the 'Queen of the Himalayas.'


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Cherrapunji, renowned for receiving the highest precipitation in the nation, presents a captivating spectacle during the monsoon period, with awe-inspiring vistas to behold.


Lonavala transforms into a picturesque haven during the rain-drenched season. Its attractions, including Tungarli Lake, Tiger Point, and Tikona Fort, become the focal points of the city's allure.

Mount Abu

Amidst the monsoon's embrace, Mount Abu beckons with its tranquil climate and ineffable allure, drawing globetrotters from across the globe.


Wayanad, nestled in the embrace of Kerala's beauty, emerges as a monsoon haven in South India. The city's crown jewel, the three-day monsoon festival, Splash, adds vibrancy to its allure.

7 Best Monsoon Destinations in India

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