7 Cheapest Countries to Live in 2023


As indicated by Numbeo, the average cost of sustenance in Pakistan is notably 20.5% more budget-friendly compared to India.


Egypt's cost of living, as computed on average, sits 3.3% lower than that of India.


In contrast, the cost of living in India showcases a remarkable 70.5% reduction compared to the United States.


The Colombian cost of living registers an average increase of 18.3% over that of India.


When it comes to housing expenses, Libya offers a slight reprieve with rents averaging 5.6% less than in India. Nonetheless, the overall cost of living in Libya tends to be 10.8% higher than in India.


In Nepal, the scale tips slightly towards a higher cost of living, averaging 14.3% more compared to India.

Sri Lanka

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka paints a picture of relative extravagance, where the cost of living marks an average elevation of 53.9% above India's benchmarks.

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