7 Historic Places in Germany That You Won’t Believe Exist

A pinnacle of German romanticism, the Wartburg Castle perches upon a cliff,

Overseeing Eisenach's town. Envisioned in 1067 AD under the sponsorship of the Landgrave of Thuringia, this castle reverberates with history's echoes. Notably, it offered sanctuary to prominent figures during the epoch-defining Protestant Reformation.


Perched in the embrace of Southern Germany, the natural marvel of Bad Säckingen draws admirers far and wide. Its 18 arches span the River Neckar, and its origins, a tale between 1075 and 1200 AD, cast it as a symbol of historical significance.

Gracing the city of Aachen in western Germany, this imposing cathedral is a to grandeur.

Having gained prominence in 805 AD, this remarkable edifice weaves a tale of history and cultural excellence within its walls. A symbol of pilgrimage since medieval times, it has also been witness to the coronations of 31 German kings and 12 queens.

Unveiling a truly extraordinary archaeological marvel from the 1st century AD

Germany proudly showcases one of its most awe-inspiring Roman fortifications. Stretching an astonishing span of 568 kilometers, this colossal structure embraces 60 imposing forts and an impressive array of 900 watchtowers, etching its legacy from modern-day Holland to Austria.

Kloster, Maulbronn

Gracing the serene landscapes of Baden-Württemberg, an enchanting monastery emerged in 1147 AD. Regarded as a paragon of preservation, this monastery stands as a European treasure, earning the coveted status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Trier, bearing the illustrious title of Germany's oldest city, wears its historical tapestry with distinction. Woven by the Romans in 16 BC, it parades an array of Roman relics that rank as premier specimens across Europe, a testament to the city's captivating narrative.

Within Schwerin's embrace rests a palace of unparalleled magnificence

A jewel in Northern Germany's crown. The Duke Friedrich Franz II, between 1847 and 1857, birthed this testament to German Baroque architecture. As an embodiment of splendor, it beckons tourists with its opulent charm.

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