7 Latest Horror Movies to Watch in August 2023

Insidious: The Red Door

Dalton Lambert's aspirations for his dream college quickly transform into a haunting ordeal as buried demons from his past resurface to torment him. Josh Lambert and his family once again confront these malevolent entities, but the struggle proves even more formidable than before

Evil Dead Rise

The emergence of malevolent demons who inhabit human flesh disrupts the reunion of two estranged sisters. Their reconciliation transforms into a fight for survival as they grapple with a nightmarish version of family dynamics.

Sympathy For The Devil

Set in the realm of psychological suspense, this thriller chronicles a man coerced into driving an enigmatic passenger at gunpoint. The scenario spirals into a high-stakes game of deception, where reality becomes a shifting labyrinth of uncertainties.

Haunted Mansion

A woman and her son enlist the help of a diverse array of 'spiritual experts' in their quest to expel supernatural entities from their home.

Talk To Me

A group of girls stumbles upon a method to summon spirits using a preserved hand. Their newfound fascination takes a dark turn when one of them inadvertently unleashes supernatural forces, plunging them into a realm of terror.

Bird Box Barcelona

In the aftermath of a mysterious force that decimates the global populace, Sebastian embarks on a journey of survival through the desolate avenues of Barcelona.


Eight-year-old Peter is terrified by the constant noises coming from the wall of his bedroom. Despite her parents' urging to dismiss the noises as a figment of her imagination, her fears grow, leading her to suspect a sinister secret being hidden by her own family.

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