7 Remedies for Toenail and Foot Fungus

Over-the-counter antifungal creams

These creams, when applied topically to the afflicted region, can aid in the treatment of minor to moderate fungal infections.

Prescription antifungal medications

More potent oral drugs recommended by a medical expert to treat more serious or enduring infections.

Antifungal nail polish or lacquer

specialized nail paints or lacquers applied directly to the damaged nails to thwart fungal development.

Oral antifungal tablets

For systemic treatment of severe or pervasive fungal infections, a healthcare provider may prescribe oral antifungal pills.

Laser therapy

A non-invasive treatment called laser therapy utilizes laser light to find and remove the fungus that are causing the illness.

Home remedies

Although their efficacy might vary, natural therapies like tea tree oil, vinegar soaks, or essential oils can be utilized in conjunction with conventional treatments.

Proper foot hygiene

Wearing breathable footwear, regularly cleaning and completely drying the feet, and maintaining neat and well-groomed nails are all examples of good foot hygiene.

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