Alexia Putellas : 5 Amazing Facts

In 2021, Alexia Putellas achieved significant milestones in her football career.

She became the third footballer ever, and the first female player, to be honored with the prestigious Creu de Sant Jordi award for her services to Catalonia. Previously, Lionel Messi and Johan Cruyff had received this esteemed recognition.

Burj Khalifa

During the 2023 Globe Soccer Awards, Alexia Putellas made history by becoming the first woman to have her image projected onto Dubai's iconic Burj Khalifa.


Her footballing idols mainly comprise past Barcelona men's team players, including Brazil's Rivaldo and Ronaldinho, as well as fellow Spaniard Andres Iniesta.


Though born into a family of Barcelona FC fans, football wasn't initially Alexia's sport of choice. She started her sporting journey in basketball, following the footsteps of her family members in the Catalan region.


Determined to pursue football, Alexia managed to join Sabadell Football Club at the age of seven with the help of a family friend, even though the club officially accepted girls from the age of eight.

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