Bryce james will enroll in a new school

Sierra Canyon

LeBron James' son, Bryce James, has switched schools and is now enrolled at Notre Dame in Sherman Oaks. This move comes after his time at Sierra Canyon and Campbell Hall.

Bronny's Health

Standing at 6'6" as a guard, Bryce made a swift transition to Notre Dame, finalizing his decision after a visit on July 21. The decision was slightly delayed due to concerns for his brother Bronny's health.


Previously, Bryce played alongside Bronny at Sierra Canyon and later briefly joined Mercy Miller and other teammates at Campbell Hall.

Campbell Hall

Campbell Hall faced challenges under the coaching of David Grace, going winless at a tournament in Arizona. The James family contributed to the construction of an athletic facility for the school.

Notre Dame

At Notre Dame, Bryce will share the court with Mercy Miller, the son of rapper Master P, as well as his teammate Tee Bartlett.

California's No. 9

Bryce, ranked as California's No. 9 prospect from the class of 2025, has already received a collegiate offer from Duquesne University.

School Journey

In a significant step, LeBron's son, Bryce James, embarks on a fresh high school journey at Notre Dame, leaving behind his previous experiences at Sierra Canyon and Campbell Hall.

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