Famous Water Parks in the UK

Splashdown Poole

Splashdown Waterpark promises an enjoyable day out with loved ones, offering a diverse range of thrills suitable for both kids and adults. As one of the most exciting water parks in the UK, it caters to every age group.

Let's Go Hydro

As Ireland's sole and biggest full cable watersports park for wakeboarding and tubing, this destination invites visitors to enjoy the playground, bask on the sandy shores, take a refreshing swim, and savor a delectable meal at the newest food court.


Distinguishing itself from the rest, this water park treats guests to a warm pool with healing iodine water for relaxation after thrilling activities.

Liquid Leisure Windsor

At this Windsor waterpark, visitors can revel in the excitement of Europe's largest inflatable playground while also indulging in some friendly competition. Sunbathe on the waterfront beach or unwind at the lakeside cafe and bar after exhilarating rides.

Splashdown Quaywest

With an impressive array of eight rides, Splashdown proudly stands as the UK's largest outdoor water park—a perfect haven for beating the heat on scorching summer days.

Time Capsule Waterpark

The Tornado Tantrum flume at this water park is so spacious that it can accommodate a Mini Cooper, allowing you and four friends to slide down together.


Waterworld, nestled in the Midlands, presents a tropical paradise with a whopping million gallons of water. A highlight is the renowned Black Hole water slide, spinning riders around before plunging them into the pool.

Sandcastle Waterpark

The UK's largest indoor water park boasts attractions to enthrall both adrenaline-seekers and young visitors alike. Embark on an adventure with the Typhoon Lagoon wave pool and exhilarating water slides, including the world's biggest enclosed roller coaster waterslide.

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