Fashion icon Adriana Lima models to inspire women by breaking down barrier

Adriana Lima

At the age of 42, Adriana Lima makes a triumphant return to the world of modeling through Victoria's Secret's Icon collection, embarking on this journey to empower women across generations and to inspire her 12-year-old daughter.

Adriana Lima

Lima's mission goes beyond the runway; she strives to be a representative of women, particularly within the Latina community. Her presence in the industry stands as a testament to embracing women at all stages of life.

Adriana Lima

In her own way, Lima has contributed to reshaping the fashion world's perception of age, actively championing the values of acceptance and inclusivity.


The motivation behind Lima's decision to continue her modeling career is to lay a foundation for young women, motivating them to navigate life's various chapters with courage and without trepidation.

Personal growth

Guided by her devotion to her children's happiness and fulfillment, Lima emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance and personal growth as key pillars of their pursuits.

Lima's daughter

Lima's daughters are already showing a keen interest in the realms of fashion and beauty, imparting their own insights and even stepping into the role of stylists for their mother.

Positive environment

Her reentry into the world of modeling serves as a potent declaration against societal norms, and she remains steadfast in nurturing a positive environment for the generations to come.

Lima reinforces

Through her actions, Lima reinforces the invaluable notion that pursuing passions and welcoming change are integral components of both personal and professional advancement.

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