Fireflies Festival: Best 5 Places to Spot Fireflies in Maharashtra

Every year, in anticipation of the monsoon's arrival,

Mumbai plays host to a mesmerizing event known as the Fireflies Festival. During the months of May and June, these bioluminescent beetles cast their enchanting glow, beckoning potential mates and weaving an awe-inspiring spectacle of natural lights.


Nestled in proximity to Maharashtra, adjacent to the village of Pachnai, lies Purushwadi. Against its backdrop of mesmerizing natural vistas, the landscape comes alive with the radiance of fireflies, creating an ethereal ambiance.


Discover the village of Samrad, nestled at the foot of Ratangad and Sandhan Valley. Here, a unique opportunity awaits—to witness fireflies in their untouched habitat, where their luminous display transforms the surroundings into a magical realm.


Bhandardara, an idyllic hill station perched at an altitude of 3000 feet, unveils an enchanting metamorphosis as twilight descends. The landscape, typically serene, is awakened by the spectacle of fireflies, transforming it into a playground of their radiant glimmers.

Rajmachi Fort

Symbolizing Maharashtra's cultural heritage, the Rajmachi Fort stands as a testament to the past. Cloaked in the embrace of mist and fog during the monsoon season, it also offers the unique chance to witness the luminous dance of fireflies.

Kothaligad Fort

With the passage of night, the Kothaligad Fort transforms into an enchanting arena for fireflies to flourish. This locale, renowned for its night treks in both winter and summer, is equally celebrated for its luminous inhabitants, crafting an unparalleled nocturnal spectacle.

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