Former Pro Bowler Ray Rice is seen during a Baltimore Ravens practice


Former NFL running back Ray Rice makes a surprising appearance at a Baltimore Ravens' practice, marking his return to the league after a ten-year hiatus.

Football Career

The Ravens aim to move forward from Rice's past domestic violence incident that abruptly halted his football career.


During his successful stint with the Ravens, Rice achieved impressive stats, accumulating 9,214 yards and 43 touchdowns over six seasons.


Initially, the team stood by Rice when he faced legal trouble for assaulting his then-fiancee, Janay Palmer, in 2014.


However, his release from the Ravens and subsequent suspension from the NFL followed the release of a video by TMZ, showing Rice striking Palmer.

NFL Comeback

In a 2018 interview, Rice mentioned he wasn't actively seeking an NFL comeback and believed he didn't deserve another chance.


Rice reflects on the challenges of being in the spotlight and his personal development since then.

Social Media

A social media image captures Rice interacting with young fans at the practice, underlining his presence after years of absence.

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