Fresh on Amazon Prime Video: 'AP Dhillon', Season 1 of 'Shelter' by Harlan Coben and More

Harlan Coben’s Shelter Season 1 - August 18

Based on Harlan Cobain's best-selling book series of the same name

First Season of Shelter

First Season of Shelter: A Compelling 8-Episode Crime Mystery Unfolds, Tracking the Journey of Mickey Bolitar (Jaden Michael).

Cangaço Novo - August 18

Created by Canagaco Novo Eduardo Mello and Mariana Bardon

Story Related

In this crime drama from Brazil, the narrative revolves around Ubaldo (Guilherme Leal), an unsatisfied bank employee residing in an urban zone of São Paulo. Strikingly, he grapples with a complete absence of recollections from his early years.

AP Dhillon: First Of A Kind - August 18

AP Dhillon Journey

AP Dhillon Starting from the charming village of Gurdaspur in Punjab, with exclusive access to the stunning scenery of British Columbia, Canada.

Mala Fortuna - August 18

Story Related

The plot of "Mala Fortuna" centers on Victoria (Macarena Achaga) and Julio (Jorge López), tracing their journey.

Who is Robin Roberts and his personal life, love and career

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