How to Explore Karnataka: One Week Itinerary

Arrival in Bengaluru (Day-1)

Start your journey in Bengaluru, the capital city of Karnataka. Immerse yourself in the splendor of Lalbagh Botanical Garden and the storied Bangalore Palace. Dive into the vibrant markets of Commercial Street or Brigade Road,in local flavors and embracing the city's nightlife.

Bengaluru to Mysuru, (Day-2)

Embark on a drive from Bengaluru to Mysuru, renowned for its regal palaces and rich heritage. Marvel at the resplendent Mysuru Palace, a testament to architectural magnificence. Wander amidst the tranquility of Brindavan Gardens and yourself in the vibrancy of Devaraja Market.

Mysuru to Coorg, (Day-3)

Your journey takes you from Mysuru to the enchanting hill station of Coorg (Kodagu). Discover the serene allure of the Golden Temple, also known as Namdroling Monastery. Engage with nature's grandeur at Abbey Falls and relish a panoramic view from Raja's Seat.

Coorg to Hampi, (Day-4)

Travel from Coorg to UNESCO Hampi. Ancient ruins and architectural marvels await. Discover the grand Virupaksha Temple, wander Hampi Bazaar's liveliness, and marvel at Vijaya Vittala Temple's elegance. Coracle on Tungabhadra River for a distinct view.

Hampi to Gokarna, (Day-5)

Continue your journey from Hampi to the tranquil coastal haven of Gokarna. Unwind on the pristine beaches like Om Beach and Kudle Beach. Pay reverence at the Mahabaleshwar Temple and partake in the evening Aarti, absorbing the serene atmosphere.

Gokarna To Bengaluru, (Day-6)

Return to Bengaluru from Gokarna and delve into history at Tipu Sultan's illustrious Summer Palace and the revered Bull Temple. Immerse yourself in the world of contemporary art and cultural exhibits at the National Gallery of Modern Art.

Bengaluru To Departure (Day-7)

On your final day in Bengaluru, explore the pioneering Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum. Discover respite within the verdant embrace of Cubbon Park, strolling amidst lush foliage and embracing the city's serene side.

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