How to Travel Northeast India: One Week Itinerary

Guwahati, (Day-1)

Commence your expedition in Guwahati, the gateway to North East India. Delight in a sunset voyage on the Brahmaputra River and immerse yourself in the Kamakhya Temple's spiritual ambiance.

Kaziranga National Park, (Day-2)

On the subsequent day, embark on a journey to Kaziranga National Park, renowned for its prized one-horned rhinoceros. The morning invites an elephant safari, while the afternoon unveils the wonders of a jeep safari.

Shillong, (Day-3)

Day three beckons you to Shillong. En route, seize the opportunity to pause at Umiam Lake and immerse in Shillong's bustling local bazaar.

Cherrapunji, (Day-4)

The fourth day unfurls an adventure to Cherrapunji, hailed as the world's wettest locale. Unveil the marvels of Living Root Bridges, the majestic Nohkalikai Falls, and the captivating Mawsmai Caves.

Mawlynnong, (Day-5)

Embark on a visit to Mawlynnong, celebrated as Asia's pristine village. Amble through its charming lanes and savor the Sky View—a panoramic observation deck revealing breathtaking vistas, stretching towards Bangladesh.

Majuli and Jorhat (Day-6)

Chart your return to Assam through Jorhat, and venture into Majuli—an expansive river island celebrated for its indigenous Mishing tribe. Immerse yourself in their unique culture and explore the satras, monastic centers that delve into Assamese neo-Vaishnavite philosophy.

Guwahati and departure, (Day-7)

Homeward-bound, head back to Guwahati for your departure. Time permitting, venture to the Assam State Museum or the Umananda Temple to round off your journey.

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