Kayla Simmons wears red bikini in stunning beach photo

Volleyball Player

Kayla Simmons, a former college volleyball player, is making waves on the internet after sharing a stunning picture from her Santorini vacation.

USA Volleyball

Simmons, who used to be a part of the USA Volleyball Women's Junior A1 Team, is currently relishing the beautiful beaches of Santorini.


In the snapshot, she strikes a pose on the shoreline, donning a striking red bikini that perfectly captures the vibe of her getaway.

Tough day

With a touch of humor, Simmons captions the photo as "Tough day," provoking playful reactions from her followers.

Social media

Her post has swiftly racked up more than 20,000 likes in just a day, underscoring her popularity on social media.

Challenging day

Followers are expressing their admiration and amusement, with one person wittily acknowledging the "challenging day" and another highlighting the sheer perfection of the scene.

Instagram followers

The excitement grows as Simmons' Instagram followers eagerly await more enthralling snapshots from her upcoming weekend escapades.

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