Kristen Harper Rocks Michigan Summer With Fiance

Christen Harper, Model

Christen Harper, a model featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, is enjoying her summer in Michigan while her fiancé, Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff, readies himself for the NFL season.

Michigan summer

Harper captures her "Michigan summer" on camera, spending leisure moments by the water with her dog whenever Goff isn't at training camp.


The winner of the 2021 Swim Search casting call, Harper, and Katie Austin were both named co-rookies of the year. Harper showcased bikinis she co-designed with Elizabeth Turner of B Swim for this year's Dominica photo shoot.

Bikini design

Their collaboration on the bikini designs began nearly a year ago, culminating in a rewarding experience for Harper as she witnesses her creations grace the pages of the magazine after dedicating substantial time, effort, and passion.

Allen Park

Harper made a visit to Allen Park to observe Goff and the Lions practice. In a lighthearted TikTok video, she affectionately referred to him as "my Ken" due to his resemblance to Ryan Gosling.


In jest, she humorously detailed "Ken's job" as being on the field, dressed in matching ensembles, throwing balls, and jubilantly celebrating touchdowns alongside other "Kens."

As a Model

Harper's genuine enthusiasm for attending Goff's practice sessions underscores her profound involvement in both his career and her own accomplishments as a model.

Goff's training

Her supportive presence during Goff's training sessions highlights the tender and playful dynamics that characterize their relationship.

Michigan summer

The Michigan summer serves as a fitting backdrop for Harper's harmonious blend of professional triumphs and personal relaxation, showcasing the multifaceted nature of her lifestyle.

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